Posted by: thebikediva | April 20, 2008

Pedal for PAL Metric Century Ride

I think I am in a bike ride induced coma. My husband and I did the PAL ride today with 4 of the cyclists we are doing the MS150 ride with in May. This was the first annual PAL ride to benefit the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Police Athletic League.

It was a well organized ride. Lots of police coverage - who would have guessed!?! Goody bags included event t-shirt, chamois butter, chewable electrolyte tablets, sunscreen and biofreeze. We broke out the biofreeze at the second rest stop for all our achy joints - it sucks getting old!

Breakfast was available at the beginning of the event: bagels, croissants, cream cheese, peanut butter, jelly, dunkin donuts, water and gatorade. And there was a greatly appreciated lunch at the end of the ride. Salad, chicken, French bread, red skin mashed potatoes and baked ziti, along with more water and gatorade.

One of the girls we were riding with got a flat tire around 6 1/2 miles into the ride as we were coming off Blue Heron bridge. Had a HUGE nail stuck in her back tire. So we all stopped while the tire got changed.

Pretty awesome day, although I got a cramp in my left thigh as I was coming back up Blue Heron bridge at the end of the ride, and had to get off my bike to get up and over.

My heart rate monitor was messed up all day, but here are the rest of my statistics from my Garmin Edge 305 cycle computer:

Distance: 65.96 miles
Total time: 3:43:16
Average speed: 17.7 MPH
Max speed: 33.9 MPH
Calories burned: 3,889 - yeah, I can eat today!

Saw lots of other people we knew out there; HOLLA to Karina, Holly, Ted and Martha!!!

And HOLLA to the people I rode with all day: Alan, Victoria, Deb, Julie and Rob. You guys were all freaking awesome!!!

But I want to know how a metric century ended up being 66 miles? And that wasn’t even counting having to go over that last freaking hill to get to the lunch area, then back to our cars at City Place. Somebody’s idea of a joke?


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