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Kurt From Fluid

Lynn! Lovin it and love the support! Keep up the hard work!

Bike Diva

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for stopping by my Bike Diva site. My husband saw the container of Fluid Recovery powder sitting on the counter when he got home from work on Friday. He asked if he could try it after our team ride on Saturday. We rode 35 miles and did a lot of drawbridges (Florida equivalent of HILLS) so we were pretty tired after the ride.

Fluid is a FANTASTIC product!!! We mixed it with a bit more water than the directions call for and added lots of ice - we are in south Florida and need lots of fluids. Fluid tastes great and we both noticed we weren't sore at all later in the day like we usually are after a hard ride. I'm 44 and my husband is 51, so we don't recover from rides as quickly as we used to. But Fluid made me feel more like a young kid and less like an old fart!

All our cycle team members were asking about Fluid too. We had mixed Fluid up in the official Fluid water bottles and everyone saw the bottles along with the Fluid towel I was using after the ride. So I told our whole team about what a fantastic product Fluid is. My husband is coaching, and I am mentoring our local Team in Training cycle team. We are training for the 20th Intracoastal Century Ride which takes place on October 26th in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Fluid will be part of our nutrition program from now on. In addition to all the biking events I do, I have recently started to add running back into my workout routine. I am planning to do a 1/2 marathon at the Marathon of the Palm Beaches on December 7th and my first full marathon at the Disney Marathon on January 11th, 2009. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Take care,
Lynn AKA the Bike Diva

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