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Lynn,I just wanted to thank you for writing about the Melanie policy.I am with my Dad and sister Melanie and other sister Karen this weekend in the Smoky Mountains.If you have never biked in and around the Smokies it is great fun.Your review touched my heart on many levels---Melanie has changed my life and the way I see cancer and those who fight it.She is my hero.I just wanted to touch base with you.Mostly to say I'm beyond happy that you and your family are enjoying the soap.I am also a Mom--i have a 4 year old son Elijah and two year old daughter Tova Grace.So from my family to yours may good health find you and wrap you up daily as you use Bethesda.Jamie Collins Doss-CEO Bethesda Skin Care

Hello Jamie,
Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I'm telling all my biking and running friends about Bethesda Sunscreen Soap. We purchased land in Waynesville, North Carolina a few years ago. We eventually want to move to that area, which is surrounded by the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. I fell in love with western NC around 10 years ago.
Take care,

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