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November 2008


Thanksgiving Weekend Bike Rides

Holiday weekends are always a great time for getting in some extra bike rides. My husband, along with many of our cycling friends, usually has a day or two off from work on holiday weekends. We celebrated Thanksgiving early, when we went up to New Jersey to visit my husband's family. We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, November 22nd, with 22 family members. We got back to Florida on Tuesday, November 25th, just in time to participate in some local bike rides. On Your Mark Cycling Club We were able to get in 3 road bike rides over the Thanksgiving weekend. We did a Turkey Day Metric Century on Thursday morning with some of our On Your Mark cycling team members. That was a FAST 65 mile ride that started from Palm Beach Gardens, and worked its way east to ride along the beach on A1A. We rode all the way to Hobe Sound Beach Park and back. It was a bit chilly in the morning so we purchased official red and white OYM team arm warmers from the On Your Mark Performance Center bike shop. OYM Performance Center is run by our friend Matt GoForth. Matt, along with his wife Julie, hosted the Turkey Day Metric ride which started from their store in Palm Beach Gardens. They had food and drinks available before and after the ride - Dunkin Donuts, coffee, orange juice, champagne, grapes, bananas, pretzels and more. Boca Raton Bicycle Club On Saturday we rode with a couple of members of the Boca Raton Bicycle Club. We started from Palmetto Park Blvd. in Boca and rode north to the Lake Worth Pier, and back, for a total of 39.29 miles. Another chilly day, so we were glad to have our OYM arm warmers with us. There were a TON of people out along A1A. Lots of cars enjoying the scenic drive, walkers, runners and huge amounts of bikers. Guess we weren't the only ones enjoying a holiday weekend bike ride. Team in Training Cycle Team On Sunday, my husband and I rode with 7 other Team in Training cycle team alumni. We started from Bryant Park, in Lake Worth, and rode south to Linton Blvd. in Delray Beach, and back. We were originally planning on riding north, to the Palm Beach Inlet, and back but there was a nasty headwind from the south. It's always easier to ride into the wind on the first half of the ride, when you've got more energy. We had a great tailwind on the ride back. Rob and I hopped on with a FAST group for awhile, while we were heading back north, and got up to 28.1 MPH! Now I guess I'll go into bike with-drawl this week, as everyone goes back to their normal work schedule. Luckily Christmas and New Year aren't too far away. I'll have to start checking with my other cycling friends to see what rides are planned around those two holidays. Take care, Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva


Nexcare Active Bandages

I recently had a chance to try out the Nexcare Active line of sports bandages. Nexcare products are made in the USA by the 3M Company. Multisport Bandages Although I am mostly a cycling chick, I have also been doing a bit of running since the beginning of the year. I am always having problems forming a blister on the back of my left heel. I tried the Nexcare Active waterproof blister pads on a recent run with great results. The blister pad prevented a blister from forming, and I was able to complete my 8 mile run pain free. The blister pads contain lavender, which helps to soothe your skin as it heals. The packaging on the Nexcare blister pads says that they "are soft, gel-like pads that cushion and protect to help prevent and heal blisters. Ideal for fingers, hands, toes and feet, or anywhere pressure points can lead to painful blisters." Nexcare Active Products I received a nice sampling of Nexcare Active products including:
  • Nexcare Active Waterproof Blister Pads
  • Nexcare Active Waterproof Abrasion Covers
  • Nexcare Active Waterproof Sport Pads
  • Nexcare Active Waterproof Skin Cover
  • Nexcare Active Extra Cushioning Waterproof Bandages
With four very active people living in our household, I am sure all of these Nexcare products will get lots of use over the course of the next few months. Between mountain biking, road biking, hiking, running, fishing and surfing, someone in the house is always coming home with cuts, scrapes and scratches. I am about to purchase a cyclocross bike to start racing in local cross races, I'll be sure to carry the Nexcare Active waterproof bandages with me at all times! Additional Information For further information on the Nexcare line of products, including where the products can be purchased in your area, visit the Nexcare website. Take care, Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva

Purchasing a Cyclocross Bike

ABOVE: 2009 Felt Breed Cyclocross Bike

It's official. Your very own Bike Diva is about to purchase her very first cyclocross bike! If I were independently wealthy, I'd already have the cross bike on order. But I have to wait until I sell my Cannondale, full suspension mountain bike, to free up the funds for my cyclocross bike. I finally decided a few weeks ago that mountain biking is just not for me. I haven't even been on my mtn bike in over a year, when I took it out a few weeks ago I didn't have any fun. I told my husband to sell it ASAP! Entry Level Cyclocross Bike I am buying an entry level cyclocross bike. I don't have a lot of money to spend at the moment, so an entry level bike will keep the price at a reasonable level. And I'm not 100% sure if I'm actually going to start racing cross bikes, so anything but an entry level bike seems like a bit of overkill. Single Speed Cyclocross Bike After looking at various cyclocross bikes I've decided to go with a Felt Breed singlespeed cross bike. Why single speed? Even if I don't use the bike to race cyclocross, the Breed will make a terrific urban/commuter bike. I already own a mondo cool Trek Madone 6.5 road bike. I want my cross bike to be totally different than my road bike. Riding a single speed bike may be a bit of a challenge, getting used to not having any gears, but I live in FLAT south Florida so the bike should be ridable in most areas. Because it is a cross bike, with a rugged aluminum frame, semi knobby tires and catilever brakes, I can also ride the bike in conditions, like gravel, sand, grass and light mud, that I could never go near on my Trek road bike. Cyclocross Racing I'm also still thinking about racing the bike. There are 3 cyclocross races near me in January. I would be in the beginner girls class, which is only half the number of laps that the other classes race. So what the heck, just show up and race. I don't even care if I come in last place, I just want to see what a cyclocross race is like. My husband says I am crazy to consider a single speed bike. But he isn't the one that's going to be riding it. If I'm spending $$ on a new bike, I want it to be something I'm absolutely going to love. And getting rid of the gears and derailleurs saves a TON of weight. The Felt Breed cyclocross bike only weighs 19.66 pounds, not bad for a cross bike! Cross racing involves a lot of carrying the bike and running across obstacles, so anything that will make the bike lighter is idea. 2009 Felt Cyclocross Bikes Felt makes 3 other models of cross bikes, but they are more expensive than the Breed which has a MSRP of $949. The F60X weighs 23.48 pounds and has a MSRP of $1199, the F35X weighs 20.78 pounds and has a MSRP of $1599, while the top of the line F15X cross bike weighs 17.62 pounds with a MSRP of $2499 - WAY out of my price range. On Your Mark Performance Center My friend Matt GoForth sells Felt bikes at his On Your Mark Performance Center bike shop in Palm Beach Gardens. My husband and I race for Matt's OYM bike team. I like purchasing my bikes from a local store, that way if there are any problems with the bike, it's just a short drive to the store to get it fixed. Matt's store is also sponsoring one of the south Florida cyclocross bike races. The race, Dyer Consequences, takes place on January 17th at Dyer Park in West Palm Beach. Take care, Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva


Healthy Holiday Season

PRESS RELEASE Give Yourself the Gift of Health This Holiday Season Scientifically Proven Exercise Tips to Help You Beat Holiday Stress, Get Fit, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Scientific studies have found that exercise can decrease age-related macular degeneration, prevent or delay the onset of high blood pressure, improve your sex life, increase collagen to keep your skin younger, reduce coronary artery disease and stress, and improve overall wellness. In "Faster, Better, Stronger," Eric Heiden, M.D., world-renowned speed skater, cyclist and orthopedic surgeon and his co-authors, outline 10 proven secrets to a healthier body in 12 weeks and highlight scientific research to support their techniques. Geared toward those 30 and above "Faster, Better, Stronger" offers training tips for every lifestyle from sedentary to very active. "We wanted to offer people of all physical conditions an inexpensive 'personal trainer' that could help them reduce stress and improve their health during these pressure cooker days," says Dr. Heiden. "Exercise, when done properly and in a specific order - combining flexibility, aerobic, strength training and balance - can help you beat weight loss and training plateaus, gain greater exercise benefits in a fraction of the time, live longer and improve your overall quality of life. Exercise really is one of the best prescriptions for staying healthy and this book guides you through the process and benefits, whether you are a competitive athlete or a recovering coach potato." Drs. Heiden and Massimo Testa met at Stanford University Medical School, where Heiden was a student and Testa his cycling team doctor. The two went on to develop the UC Davis Sports Performance Center and now continue their collaboration at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Salt Lake City and cycling camps in Park City, Utah. Dr. Heiden is practicing orthopedic surgeon, team physician for the U.S. Speed Skating, and team physician and director of sports medicine for USA Cycling. Dr. Testa is one of the foremost cycling trainers and exercise physiologists. "Using our medical expertise and knowledge of training competitive athletes, we have created a book that offers, simple, understandable and affordable solutions that can be personalized for each and every reader," says Dr. Testa, a co-author. "We offer tips for fitness at the office, on a business trip or in your living room, as well as highlights the prescriptive aspects of exercise, the biology of movement and the importance of motivation." "Faster, Better, Stronger," offers readers, self-assessment tools, diagrams of innovative exercises, and other straight talk on exercise and your health," says Dr. Heiden. "Whether you are a working parent, a busy single professional, or retiree this book offers realistic and scientifically proven techniques for getting into shape and staying in good health." Dr. Heiden and Dr. Testa are both available for interviews and can offer helpful tips for staying fit during the holidays including how to pack a portable fitness kit, and simple stretches and exercises you can do to improve flexibility, balance, strength and cardio health. Source: Dr. Eric Heiden and Dr. Massimo Testa CONTACT: Alicia Moran, +1-410-991-7027, alicia@brightlinemedia.com, for Drs. Heiden and Testa


Safe Holiday Bike Shopping

PRESS RELEASE AAA Warns Consumers to Not Forego Safety for Holiday Bargains on BicyclesIf the bike doesn't fit, don't buy it. Many make the dangerous mistake of purchasing bicycles for children to 'grow into' ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Many children have a new bicycle on their holiday wish lists. AAA reminds consumers that selecting the right size bike for children is critical to keeping them safe. While holiday shoppers may be wooed by great bargains on bicycles during Black Friday sales, AAA warns that no matter how enticing the holiday sale, it's not worth putting a child in danger if the bicycle is not the proper size. Bicycles are associated with more childhood injuries than any other consumer product besides the automobile. "The biggest mistake consumers make when selecting a child's bicycle is purchasing one too large and thinking the child will grow into it," said Jennifer Huebner, manager, AAA Traffic Safety Programs. "Parents would not put shoes five sizes too big on a child, because it would be difficult and dangerous to run and play. The same principle applies to bicycles. Oversized bikes are difficult for children to control and safely ride in addition to being uncomfortable." An in-depth article on how consumers should select bicycles for children and important safety factors to consider is available on the AAA NewsRoom at http://www.aaa.com/News. As North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization, AAA provides more than 51 million members with travel, insurance, financial and automotive-related services. Since its founding in 1902, the not-for-profit, fully tax-paying AAA has been a leader and advocate for the safety and security of all travelers. AAA clubs can be visited on the Internet at www.AAA.com CONTACT: Christie Hyde of AAA, +1-407-444-8003, chyde@national.aaa.com Web Site: http://www.aaa.com/


Best Cities for Indoor Cycling

PRESS RELEASE Global Ride Tours Best 12 Cities for SPINNING(R) or Indoor Cycling PITTSBURGH, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Ride will travel nationwide to ten top locations for Indoor Cycling / Spinning(R) to promote the upcoming launch of a new line of innovative cycling training DVDs. The DVDs utilize first-person cycling perspectives, upbeat licensed music, and a unique approach with selectable vocal coaching from industry experts. Sally Edwards, Ironman Hall of Famer and founder of Heart Zones, and Matty Reed, US triathlete champion and Olympian are just a couple of the nine coaches involved. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Global Ride will be visiting ten cities in a nationwide kickoff tour for the launch of a new DVD series targeted towards not just cyclists stuck indoors during the off-season, but also indoor group cycling / Spinning(R) classes. The tour, starting with two locations (Club H Fitness and Harbor Fitness) in New York City, will showcase the Hawaii installment of Global Ride's new "virtual ride" series, DVDs that take indoor riders on an outdoor experience through first-person video displayed on a 10' screen, accompanied by high-energy music and a live coach. Top health clubs in each city will be hosting the events, filling their studios and becoming the nation's first facilities to showcase the virtual rides. "We truly believe the addition of video is the next evolution of indoor cycling," says Global Ride founder and cyclist Gene Nacey. "Global Ride's real mission is to bridge the gap between the indoor and outdoor worlds and provide a unique experience. We feel video is a great medium to do so and are thrilled to have these venues hosting our tour." The DVDs are designed for both professional clubs, where live coaches can instruct the riders, and home use, as each disc comes with several unique coaching tracks. These recorded tracks have been provided by industry leaders, a list of contributors that has recently added Heart Zones founder and Ironman Hall of Famer Sally Edwards, as well as US Triathlete Champion and Olympian Matty Reed to the mix. Edwards recently announced her collaboration on the project when she asked Global Ride to demonstrate their product with great success at this year's annual Heart Zones, USA conference in Denver. Reed just signed on with the project this past week. The demonstration at Club H Fitness's Murray Hill Location, 222 E. 34th St., NYC, will be conducted the evening of Monday, December 1st. The second demonstration is Tuesday night at Harbor Fitness's Park Slope location, 191 15th St. See Cycling Fusion, Global Ride's new website at www.cyclingfusion.com for more info. More information on Heart Zones and Sally Edwards can be found at www.heartzones.com. More information on Matty Reed can be found at http://www.mattyreed.com/. Source: Global Ride CONTACT: Gene Nacey of Global Ride, +1-724-594-0229 Web site: http://www.globalride.net/ http://www.cyclingfusion.com/ http://www.heartzones.com/ http://www.mattyreed.com/

Electric Bikes & Scooters for Holiday Giving

PRESS RELEASE Gas Guzzling Cars Take Back Seat to Electric Bikes and Scooters for Holiday Giving SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmentally conscious people are thinking green this Christmas. Instead of expensive cars or gas scooters and motorcycles that pollute more than cars, many high school and college students are asking their parents for planet friendly electric bicycles and scooters.
  Electric bicycles and scooters are perfect for people who:
  -- Care about the environment
  -- Commute less than 20 miles
  -- Run errands close to home
  -- Live on or near campus
  -- Hate spending time looking for parking spots
  -- Carry a bike on public transportation
  -- Don't want to waste money on car expenses and gas
According to AAA the cost of driving a car 15,000 miles a year (depreciation, insurance, maintenance, registration, and fuel) is 52 cents a mile. Compare that to 3 cents a mile for an electric bicycle and 10 cents a mile for an electric scooter. "New hi-tech and stylish electric bicycles like the A2B and fun to ride electric scooters like the E-1600 are great alternatives for students who need transportation but not the expense of a car," said Douglas Schwartz, President & CEO of ELV Motors, Inc. In California electric bicycles fewer than 1000 watts do not require a license, insurance, or registration. They can travel 20 miles on a 3 cent charge at speeds up to 20 mph. They can be driven anywhere a bike can go as well as taken on most forms of public transportation. And if you want a good work out, simply turn the motor off and start pedaling. (Check laws in your state) Electric scooters under 2hp in California require a M2 motor scooter license, insurance and a one time registration fee. They can travel up to 40 miles on a 10 cent charge with a top speed of 30mph. With storage both under the seat and in the back, and with the ability to carry a passenger, they can replace a car for many errands. (Check laws in your state). With prices under $4,000, even Santa would want one. Contact ELV Motors at www.elvmotors.com or call 408-850-8191 for more information or for dealership inquires. Visit us at Booth 1010, San Francisco International Car Show, Nov. 22-29. This release was issued through The Xpress Press News Service, merging e- mail and satellite distribution technologies to reach business analysts and media outlets worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.xpresspress.com/ Source: ELV Motors CONTACT: Douglas Schwartz, ELV Motors, +1-408-850-8191 Web site: http://www.elvmotors.com/


Action Wipes Aromatherapy Candles

I recently became sponsored by Action Wipes. See my review of Action Wipes which I posted to Bike Diva on October 13th. Action Wipes also makes two varieties of scented, aromatherapy candles. The candles are made out of 100% soy wax and are infused with a plethora of wonderful scented essential oils. Lotion Candles Soy wax has a very low melting point. Even at room temperature, you can scoop a little bit of it up with your fingers and use it to moisturize your cuticles and rough patches of skin on your knees, elbows and ankles. You can light the candle, let a small pool of melted wax form, then blow out the candle. The gently warmed up pool of wax can then be used as a scented massage oil. I use one of the candles in my bedroom, and the other one is in my home office. Even when they aren't being used, Action Wipes candles subtly scent the room they are placed in. About the Candles The candles are packaged in a 6 ounce clear glass container. The candles retail for $24.99 each and will burn for approximately 40 hours. Scent 1 contains the following essential oils
  • pink grapefruit
  • bay laurel
  • clove bud
  • frankincense
  • ginger
  • lime
  • ylang ylang
  • cedar
  • oakmoss
Scent 2 contains the following essential oils
  • lime
  • rose
  • cedar
  • ylang ylang
  • clove
  • vertivert
  • spearmint
  • galbanum
Visit the Action Wipes website, for more information on their candles, or any of their other exciting products. Take care, Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva

PowerBar Unveils New Website Connecting Sports Communities

PRESS RELEASE Video: PowerBar Unveils New Global Website Connecting Sports Communities - New online destination featuring personalized nutrition and training programs, sport-specific articles, elite athlete videos and blogs - GLENDALE, Calif., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- PowerBar, Inc., the company that pioneered the energy bar category over 25 years ago, today launched the new PowerBar Web site. A comprehensive online destination for sports nutrition and training information, the new site also serves as a global communication tool for athletes and experts to engage and share experiences through user-generated content. Visit www.powerbar.com/launch. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/powerbar/35982/ Visitors can create a customized "My Performance" homepage complete with its own unique URL address and outfitted with information important to their personal sport interests, such as personalized training programs, sports nutrition articles, expert Q&A and tips from world champion athletes in that discipline. There are 17 sport communities to choose from including cycling, running, soccer, basketball, football and racquet sports. Each community features a leader who maintains a blog and event schedule and shares articles relevant to their sport. "The new PowerBar.com is truly a global community where users can network with athletes and experts, find a training partner or just talk about sports in general," states Todd Manion, head of communities and conversations at PowerBar. "This new site is a way to get inspired and stay inspired about fitness, training and sports and it also gives consumers a voice in the process." Features of this innovative new online sports nutrition and training platform include: Community In addition to the 17 sport-specific communities consumers can join, there are also eight additional platforms: Ironman, Fitness, Team Elite, Coaches, Race Directors, Event Promoters, Team in Training, and Dietitians. These communities provide users interested in training or nutrition at any level with centralized locations to find expert resources, insider advice and tools using the latest interactive technology. For example, coaches can log in and download printable playbooks and handouts for proper sports nutrition in tennis, basketball, soccer, football and swimming. Athletes and teams can be invited to join the community and share nutrition and training tips. PowerCoach(TM) Using PowerCoach(TM) users can create their own athlete-endorsed training program with nutritional plans to prepare for an upcoming event or fitness goal. During the program consumers will receive daily email workout reminders, calculate daily nutritional requirements and monitor their progress with training logs. PowerBar(R) Expert Panel PowerBar.com users also have access to the PowerBar(R) Expert Panel for advice and information on the latest in sports nutrition and training. Comprised of leading sports dietitians, researchers, trainers and sports medicine practitioners, the PowerBar Expert Panel advises PowerBar and the sports community on the development of educational programs and materials that relate to sports nutrition and training. The panel also provides expert perspective during professional athlete panels at sporting events throughout the country. All members of the panel share a passion for sports nutrition and a commitment to helping athletes perform at their best. Global Reach Consumers can now access the new PowerBar.com site in the U.S. and PowerBar will launch the new online presence in other countries such as Germany and Canada in the near future. As the global community begins to join, users will have the ability to interact with other like-minded athletes and experts to share their insights and knowledge across the globe, and gain a better understanding of sports nutrition and training on an international level. Music SpiralFrog (www.spiralfrog.com), the free and legal download music experience, is the music partner behind PowerBar's new online program. Once consumers register for a specific activity, they can choose from 12 free play lists dedicated to different sports. From running to hiking to bicycling, SpiralFrog has made it easy for sporting enthusiasts to enjoy their workouts with pre-made play lists or they can create their own from the catalog of three million free songs.
  And Much More
  --  Hot tips from world champion athletes
  --  Interactive tools to help train and fuel for maximum effectiveness
  --  Watch videos and read stories from worldwide events sponsored by
  --  PowerBar Widget -- get the latest sports nutrition advice and
      innovations delivered directly to the desktop or social network
PowerBar is committed to helping enhance the performance of active individuals by providing cutting-edge nutritional products and sound sports nutrition information. Backed by decades of sports nutrition experience, PowerBar's product line includes a full spectrum of great-tasting food and beverage options developed to meet the nutrition and energy needs of all athletic levels from recreational to endurance. PowerBar proudly fuels world-class athletes including eight-time 2008 Olympic gold medal winner, Michael Phelps, Meb Keflezighi and Allyson Felix, and sponsors premier organizations and events including a global Ironman partnership, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training program, and the Chicago, Boston and ING New York City Marathons. PowerBar is owned by Nestle SA.
  Bethany Mousseau
  Carmichael Lynch Spong
Video: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/powerbar/35982 Source: PowerBar CONTACT: Bethany Mousseau of Carmichael Lynch Spong, +1-781-544-3677, bethany.mousseau@clynch.com Web Site: http://www.powerbar.com/


Nuun Hydration Tablets

I mentioned in a post on September 16th, 2008 that Nuun offered to sponsor me through the SponsorHouse website. I also mentioned my use of Nuun tablets, at the 20th Intracoastal Century Ride, which took place on October 26th in Cocoa Beach, Florida. For those of you that aren't familiar with Nuun, here is my review of their wonderful product. Low Calorie Hydration I received a 9 bottle mixed assortment of Nuun tablets, that way I was able to sample all their flavors. Nuun is extremely low calorie, and contains only around 7.5 calories per 20 ounce water bottle! Check out the label on some of those other electrolyte drinks and see how many calories they contain. I just checked two in my pantry, one contains 25 calories per 8 ounce serving, so 20 oz = 62.5 calories, the other brand contains 50 calories per 8 ounce serving so 20 oz. = 125 calories. Let's hear it for Nuun! Nuun Flavors
  • Lemon lime
  • Citrus fruit
  • Tri berry
  • Orange ginger
  • Kona cola
I liked all the flavors, except the cola. For some reason I thought is was going to taste like flat soda, and that's exactly what it reminded me of. My husband actually really like the cola flavor, along with the other 4 flavors of Nuun. I always carry two, 20 ounce water bottles on my road bike when I go out for a ride. I like to mix 1 1/4 tablets of Nuun into each water bottle. I make 4 bottles at a time, 2 for me and 2 for my husband. So I use a total of 5 Nuun tablets to fill 4 water bottles. Using Nuun I especially like the fact that Nuun comes packaged in 12 tablet bottles. The tablets are quite small, and an entire bottle of Nuun can be stowed in my under-the-seat bike bag, or the back pocket of my cycling jersey. Not having to deal with messy powders, or figuring out how much to measure out is pretty cool. My husband and I do quite a few long distance cycling events, to benefit various charity organizations each year. The rides are well stocked with an assortment of food, water and another brand of electrolyte drink. We don't really care for the pre-mixed electrolyte solution that is available at the SAG stops, it is usually way too sweet for our taste. We like to fill our bottles with water, then drop in a Nuun tablet. And I can't tell you how many rides I've done where our friends have shown up with nothing but water in the their bottles. We live in south Florida, I keep stressing the fact that you need to have some kind of electrolyte solution in your bottles when doing any kind of long distance rides down here. I handed out quite a few Nuun tablets while we were training during the summer. My cycling friends mentioned what a big difference it made hydrating with an electrolyte solution, such as Nuun, compared to plain water. Hopefully my friends will get the message and go out and purchase their own Nuun tablets! I always carry a bottle of Nuun with me, even when I'm doing short, 15K time trial races. Further Information Check out the Nuun website for additional information on Nuun tablets. You can type in your zip code, to find out what stores in your area carry Nuun, or you can purchase Nuun directly through their website. Take care, Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva
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