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Girls Can Change Flat Tires Too

The other day, I mentioned the Women's Bike Clinic that was being put on by Trek for members of the zMotion cycling team. The clinic took place last night, at The Cove restaurant in Deerfield Beach. My friend Nina, rode her bike from her house to my house, then we drove down to the bike clinic together. I'd guesstimate that around 25 girls were present at the clinic.

Trek provided a goody bag to all participants. The goody bag contained a Trek water bottle, a set of red Bontrager tire levers, a package of Sports Beans, a 15% off coupon for B & J Bicycles and Trek's 2008 Women's Cycling Guide. The 80 page booklet included a 5 page illustrated section on how to change a flat tire. The goody bags also contained a raffle ticket. Cycling helmets, seat bags, visors and lights were just a few of the items that were raffled off during the night.

The Cove restaurant provided a nice buffet dinner; chicken wings, pasta salad, green salad, vegetable platter and corn chips with salsa. I had an iced tea to drink, since I was driving. But many of the attendees were enjoying glasses of wine and margaritas.

ABOVE: Bike Diva's Trek Madone 6.5

Trek Fit for Women Demo Team

Ross Rushin, the southern region representative from the Trek Fit for Women Demo Team, showed us how to change a flat tire, using the rear wheel from her own bike. She sure made it look easy. I didn't actually try changing my own tire at the clinic, a few too many bodies for my comfort level. But I do plan on practicing on both my front and rear wheels after my husband gets back from his business trip to Texas.

Right now I'm still a little bit leary that I'll mess something up, and since he's not in town, I'm afraid I won't have a bike to ride. We also loaned our air compressor out to the Club Mud mountain bike club for their last trail building session. I really don't want to use a hand pump, or waste a bunch of CO2 cartridges getting my tires re-inflated.

Representatives from Trek and B & J Bikes were on hand to help anyone that wanted to practice changing their own tire. Many girls brought along the front wheel to their bike, so they could try their hand at changing a tire. So I understand the mechanics for changing a tire, lets see if I can actually put it into practice. My goal is to be a pro tire changer by Miami Man in November. I'm doing the half ironman duathlon at Miami Man. The cycling portion of of the event is 56 miles, that would really suck getting a flat tire in tim-buk nowhere.

Trek WSD Demo Trailer

The Trek Fit for Women demo trailer will be at the MS150 ride this weekend. My friend Nina, who is having seat issues, was talking to Ross last night. Ross might have an extra seat for Nina to try out during the ride.

The demo wagon will be at the start of the ride, at the University of Miami, on Saturday morning. The wagon will travel down to Key Largo, and setup at John Pennekamp State Park. The MS150 ends at the park on day one, and is also the starting location of day two of the ride.

Visit the Trek Women Bike Tour Demo website to find out more information on Trek WSD (women specific design) products and the schedule of the Trek WSD Demo Tour. I ride a 2008 WSD Trek Madone 6.5 road bike, so I'm a bit biased when it comes to Trek bikes. My bike only weighs 14.1 pounds - SWEET!

Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva


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Great blog and interesting article. I love the charity work you do

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