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Diana Ingraham

I am a tax paying Lompoc resident. I frequently exercise at our local parks, but most of the time I go to River Park. As I approached the park, I was stopped by a roadie who wanted to know why I was there. I told her I was here for my walk to which she responded by saying this was a private event and I was unauthorized. Unauthorized! Is that the best she could come up with! Let me tell you, if you want to restrict the people of the city you are visiting from their park, then maybe you should find a way to not make them feel unwelcome in their own hometown by an out-of-towner no less! Once she retrieved information from me, she turned me away with no explanation as to how she had authority to do so. I was livid and left only to return after my exercise to vent which did not go well. The gentleman who approached me did care, however his co-volunteer kept talking over me and told me to leave without even knowing why I was upset while she flung her red feather boa in pure arrogance. I am sorry the gentleman was the recipient of my irritation. I see the ride requires a tremendous support crew of a magnitude that I have never been involved in. All I ask is, please use manners while being guests in another town. They will most definitely be returned. Any response would be most appreciated.

Diana Ingraham

I have spoken with Ben Carlson who is a very understanding,compassionate representative of AIDS Life Cycle. He listened to my concerns and appreciated the importance of them. I understand my experience today at the park was not representative of the group as a whole or a typical one.

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