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Back Log of Product Reviews

I've been a bit busy with all my writing projects, so I've fallen behind on product reviews. Here's a listing of sports products that are waiting in my office to be reviewed.

I've also got a lot of herb/cooking related products waiting to be reviewed, but didn't think my Bike Diva fans would be interested in that kind of stuff, so I won't list those here.

I'm providing links to the websites of the products I will be reviewing, if you want to read up on the products before I get around to writing my reviews.

Avitae - Energy water

Calf Roller - stretch out leg muscles and use as pushup enhancer

Cycle-Smart - I have 2 DVD's from Cycle-Smart waiting to be reviewed.

  1. Solutions for Cyclocross
  2. 2003 Verge New England Championship Cyclocross Series

Goldtoe Moretz - APF Powersox

EpicPlanet.tv - Epic Acadia. I just reviewed their Epic Vermont DVD a few days ago.

Elite Sport Shield - waterproof seat cover

Forze GPS - Forze bars and Forze shakes

Oakley - Young Survival Coalition Endurance sunglasses

New Chapter Press - Boycott; Stolen Dreams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games

Thomas Nelson - Holding Fast; The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy

Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva


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