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The Bike Diva reviews a variety of cycling, running and triathlon clothing, equipment, and nutritional products. Go to the Product Endorsement page for complete details.

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Fred Deutsch

Thanks for the info on the Hammer products. I went to the website and bought some. Hope you get a kick-back!

Lynn Smythe

Hey Fred,

Cool beans! When I first started riding all I did was water and couldn't figure out why I could only ride 20 miles before passing out. Now I always have 2 water bottles with some sort of electrolyte solution and a few gel packs with me when I ride. What a difference!

Take care,

Aimee Wilson


I found you from Twittermoms. I was wondering what might be needed to do a century ride. Your post on Hammer products gives me a great starting point. Thanks!

Savor life's best,

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