My Trek Madone 6.5 WSD is Here!


Rob got the call on Saturday afternoon that my new bike had arrived. He took my old bike over to Bike America so that it could be raped and pillaged for parts. They had to build the new bike and switch my pedals, water cages and cycle computer from my old bike to the Trek. So I couldn’t actually pick my new bike up until 11 AM on Sunday - torture waiting for it, felt like a kid at Christmas time!

Went for a short ride out of Boynton Inlet after we got the bike. It was too freaking hot and my legs were tired from the day before and Rob’s butt hurt so we decided NOT to do the double century ride (do you detect a hint of slight sarcasm here?). But it was still a good test ride.

My bike ROCKS! It is super smooth even going over rough road, pot holes and manhole covers. Rob says that’s because it’s totally carbon, guess my Cannondale still had a bit of aluminum components mixed in with the carbon. Rob says the seat fits my butt cheeks very nicely - I think that’s his way of saying the Trek (at 52 cm) is a better fit for me than the Cannondale (at 50 cm) was.

I even rode in the drops for quite awhile and didn’t feel out of control. Never could ride the drops on my Cannondale - always felt like I was going to go careening off into space. The only problem I had was the brakes are much more responsive. I need to have a lighter touch if I want to avoid doing an endo into oncoming A1A traffic. I always had to squeeze the sh*t out of my Cannondale brakes.

I thought my Cannondale synapse 2 was the bomb, but now I’m ready to get my passport, buy a ticket to France and ride in THE Tour. Now I have to save my pennies for carbon water bottle holders, prettier pedals, etc…PIMP MY RIDE!!!



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