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Read your post and love it. I have been searching the web for straightforward tips for athletes, clubs, teams interested in securing sponsorship.

I recommend athletes, clubs, teams consider the following in addition to your excellent tips:

01) think outside of the typical sports related sponsor. There are many companies in the corporate sector who embrace supporting cycling, tri, running clubs. Particularly, many companies view support of cycling as a way of aligning with their "green" and community service initiatives. Not to mention, sponsoring cyclists, triathletes, etc., might make companies more visible in a new segment.

02) researching prospective sponsors, and understanding their objectives, initiatives, target customers, etc., will provide you with a basic understanding of their focus, key messages, and core values. This knowledge enables you to tailor your key messages in your sponsorship proposal to align with their messages and objectives; immediately giving you a leg up on other proposals.

Again, like your post a lot.

Thank you for adding your tips Al!

This is my third year racing, so I'm always looking for additional sponsorship opportunities to explore.

Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva

Lynn - thanks! I am more than willing to share more with you if you would like. Check out my blog at, and my Facebook Fan Page - Sponsor My Cycling Club. There are about 5 posts discussing different aspects of securing corporate sector sponsorship.

Feel free to contact me via my blog or e-mail anytime. Thanks for your nice comments.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge with the world. I was a varsity high school and college runner, have been out of college several years, and have maintained competitiveness in "local" type road races. I've been thinking A LOT about this type of thing lately, so your post gives me a great deal of ideas to consider, especially considering it's September! Thanks again!

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